The world globes itself in a drop of dew.

~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Macro plants-3

Fog droplets bathed much of the vegetation yesterday (click photos to enlarge)

Yesterday morning’s fog left not only pearl-strung silk necklaces strewn across the meadow, but also vegetation, and the insects hiding amongst it, covered in shimmering beads of water. I can’t resist trying to capture images of these bejeweled beauties on such a morning. Droplets of water seem to make everything more worthy of our attention.

yard 4-20-3

A cosmic galaxy on an iris leaf

Two-striped Planthopper, Acanalonia bivittata

Two-striped Planthopper on a dewy grass stem

Flesh Fly on grass

Droplets make even a Flesh Fly (at least I think that is what this is) more appealing

Flesh Fly on grass 3

A Flesh Fly walks on a pathway of glass bubbles

Bush Katydid nymph 2

Bush Katydid nymph cleans some of the water and spider silk from its legs

Bush Katydid nymph 1 close up

This nymph appears to be wearing a bead-studded suit