Private Tours

If you or your group are interested in exploring the natural history of an area, I’d be happy to be your guide and share my experience with you! For rates and information, and to discuss options, please contact me at

Areas in which I have experience include (but are not limited to):

Read about one of my previous private tours here: Another Great Day at Pungo


4 thoughts on “Private Tours

  1. If you have any scheduled guided trips 3 day or longer my husband and I would be interested in joining. We are mostly interested in Yellowstone or similar ecologies.

  2. Hello, I’m sorry to write here, wasn’t sure how else to. I am an educator at the South Carolina Botanical Garden and I am working on a flyer about fireflies for our families who can’t come to the Garden for programs at the moment. I wondered if I might use your image of the firefly larva for the flyer? All the very best, Sue Watts (

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