Macro Mystery #1 Answer

Mushroom gills

Macro Mystery (click photos to enlarge)

So, here is the answer to the Macro Mystery. It was found along the Inspiration Trail at Umstead State Park in Raleigh earlier this week. I was struck by the texture which reminded me of wavy golden hair or fur.



It was actually a close-up of the underside of a mushroom cap highlighting the wavy spore-bearing gills or lamellae. The mushroom was lying on the ground next to the trail. It was large, perhaps 5 inches across the cap. I am not sure which type it is, but based on the characteristics, it may be one of the Amanita species, many of which are poisonous if eaten. At the time, I wasn’t so interested in what it was as I was in the unusual pattern, so I did not turn over the cap to investigate. I am not sure if the wavy gills are diagnostic or whether they are an artifact of aging of the mushroom.

Mushroom gills with part of stipe

Mushroom gills with part of stipe (or stem)

NOTE: Someone pointed out that she was able to guess the answer because the name of the image showed up in the URL of the picture when clicked and enlarged. Oops…I’ll do better next time. And, sorry, there is no prize:)

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