The Storm

When snow falls, nature listens. 

~Antoinette van Kleeff


Snow falling (click photos to enlarge)

They all said it was going to be a bad storm. And it started right as predicted, and created havoc on the roads in this area unaccustomed to dealing with it. It snowed much of Wednesday afternoon. Thursday dawned gray and cold, and then it started snowing again…heavy. It was the kind of snow that clings to everything – the porch screens, the fence wire, the tree trunks, the branches. The woods didn’t care, and I loved it. There is something magical about a snowfall – the silence, the blanket of beauty spread across the landscape, the way the often hidden or subtle can now become bold against the white backdrop.

Snow off the deck

The woods in snow

The birds also knew it was coming long before it started. They remained very active at the feeders throughout. During a strong burst of snow, I stood outside and watched as they came and went, cautious at first, and then paying me no mind as they stocked up on seed and suet. Birds the color of the winter woods now can be seen amongst the patterns of snow-covered branches.

Carolina Chickadee in snow

Carolina Chickadee

Tufted Titmouse in snow

Tufted Titmouse

A hint of color is quite an accessory amongst the whiteness.

Yellow-rumped warbler in snow

Yellow-rumped warbler

And what have we been told about yellow in snow? It can be beautiful…

Pine warbler in snow 2

Pine Warbler

Pine warbler in snow 3

A Pine Warbler waits his turn at the suet feeder

But to make a statement, wear something bold.

Male Cardinal in snow 3

Northern Cardinal male amongst snow-covered branches

Male Cardinal in snow 4

Northern Cardinal male

Male Cardinal in snow 6

The colors of winter

A day later the sun is beating back the whiteness. It will probably stay another day or two, but the snow cannot sustain itself against the onslaught of blue sky and warmth that will be coming this week. This may be its last appearance for this winter. School administrators, road crews, power companies, and many commuters will rejoice. I will anxiously await its return.

3 thoughts on “The Storm

  1. I always enjoy receiving new photos of yours in my inbox! What a treat to see the colorful birds against the snowy branches. Just beautiful and so peaceful!

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