Gray Ghosts of the North Woods

After seeing the Marten at Dan and Cindy’s I didn’t think that the day could get much better, but I was wrong. Later that afternoon Dan invited me to tag along with he and his daughter, Cassie, to look for a Great Gray Owl he had seen the day before up towards the Beartooth’s.

The weather didn’t look very inviting though as rainclouds moved in. As we got up towards where he had seen the owl the rain showers increased. Then Cassie spotted the owl perched in a dead snag across the meadow. Suddenly a rainbow appeared and then a double rainbow – perhaps a good omen?

When the rain stopped we hiked over to the meadow. I stayed to watch the owl while Dan and Cassie circled through the woods to see if they could maybe spot a nest.

While I watched, the owl made two attempts to catch something, but failed both times. After the first attempt it flew directly towards me and landed in a lone pine out in the middle of the meadow with the mountains as a backdrop. Some days you just get lucky.


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