A New Day in New Hampshire

After a day of driving through torrential rains I reached a beautiful Forest Service campground in White Mountain National Forest in New Hampshire. A few of the campsites had standing water but mine was mainly dry. I could hear the roaring waters of a creek downslope from me as the rain subsided. And then, as if on cue, it stopped and a patch of blue sky appeared. Time to set up camp!

The sounds of the creek soon beckoned and I hiked down to take a look at what a few inches of rain does to a mountain stream.

The water rushed over and between boulders – a sound that would make for good sleeping.

The trail back to the campsite was full of details to be taken in – fungi, patterns on the bark of white birch trunks, tree shadows on a boulder…my only wish is that I was staying longer than one night.
These north woods are special. I will return.










6 thoughts on “A New Day in New Hampshire

  1. Wonderful photos Mike!! John and I were in Maine camping with kids for the last two weeks. I agree – the north woods are special!! Take care,

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