Sunrise over marsh

Sunrise over marsh

Several of you have asked about the possibility of buying some of the images you see in this blog. So, I looked around and found a site that offers quality images in a variety of sizes and formats at a reasonable cost. That site is Fine Art America. I really like the fact that they offer image products at a variety of price points and styles from greeting cards to large framed prints. Those of you on my Facebook page have probably been inundated with some posts as I add new images to my gallery at the Fine Art America site, as they link to my FB page each time I upload a new image. But I wanted to make those of you reading the blog aware of this as well. To make sure I liked the quality of their products, I ordered an 11×14 metal print of one of my images and a card of another and was very pleased with the results. They also have a money-back guarantee for your satisfaction. If you are interested in seeing what is available for purchase, check out the Image Gallery page on this blog at From there you can go directly to images I have available on my Fine Art America site. If you see something on my blog you would like, but it isn’t on the Fine Art America site, just email me and I can add it in most cases. I occasionally do some heavy cropping of images for posting on the blog if I am trying to emphasize a particular point, and while that amount of cropping often holds up fine for posting in a blog, it may not hold up well for a large print, so that would be the only restriction. Otherwise, I am happy to make any of these images available for purchase.

Snow Geese leaving field at sunset

Snow Geese leaving field at sunset

2 thoughts on “Images

  1. Do you have a good photo editing program that you would recommend? I am looking at Lightroom version 4 or 5, but am wondering what you like to use? Your photos are always just so beautiful and don’t have any overdone post processing look to them. Very natural which I love.

    • Hey Mary Kay:
      Thanks for the kind words. I use Lightroom myself and have been very pleased with it. There are certainly some things that would be better done in Photoshop, but I am not all that interested in spending a lot of time in post processing so Lightroom has been fine for my needs. I currently have 4 but am considering upgrading to 5.

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