Beware the Ice of March

Some say the world will end in fire, some say in ice.

~Robert Frost

I went out before dawn this morning to get some firewood and skidded on a thin sheet of ice that had formed overnight on the deck. The dreaded freezing rain had bent over the shrubs near the deck as the thermometer hovered just below freezing at 31 degrees. I quickly started a pot of coffee because my place has a bad habit of losing power in heavy wind, snow, or ice. But, as the faint light of morning filtered through the forest, the power remained, and I could see a world transformed by the hand of a frozen sculptor. I wandered out to the garden to stock the feeders and was greeted by frozen plum flowers and tangles of icy grape vines.

Icicle hanging from a branch

Icicle hanging from a branch (click photos to enlarge)

Plum blossoms in ice

Plum blossoms in ice

Ice covering grape vine

Ice covering grape vine

A walk down the road showed the pines were kneeling before the ice gods and the bamboo was all subservient to the power of the frozen rain.

Sleeping pines in ice

Young pines bending under the weight of the ice

Bamboo flops

Bamboo bows to the power of the ice

The meadow grasses under the power line were dazzling with diamond necklaces.

Grass seeds in ice

Grass seeds in ice

Grass loop

Grass loop

On the way back home, I spotted some deer searching for a blackberry cane popsicle under the power line. They glanced my way and then faded into the frozen arches.

Deer in power line

White-tailed Deer in icy meadow

And even in the midst of this cold and dreary morning, a closer look revealed the promise of spring, which is only a few days away. You gotta love North Carolina.

Tree buds coated in ice

Tree buds coated in ice

8 thoughts on “Beware the Ice of March

  1. I absolutely LOVE your blog. I get a thrill everytime I see there is new one in my box to read and view. Your photos delight the senses and your writing feels so natural and just the right amount of words to describe each scene with perfection. Thanks for making my day again1

    Miriam Lieberman

  2. I love your posts; however you have my address in your book twice , three 4, etc times. You also know my sister Ann Walter-Fromson from Greensboro- small world. Thanks for sharing your thoughts of the outside world .

    Sally G 919 632-0112


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