Foggy Morning

Take time to see the quiet miracles that seek no attention.

~John O’Donohue

I awoke this morning to a dark cast out my window. Where normally there are sunbeams streaming through the trees, there were none. As I sipped the first mug of coffee, the news warned of dense fog for those who must commute. I thought to myself…this would be a good morning to get wet on a walk…so I grabbed the camera and took a stroll in the meadows under the power line. Spiders had been busy, creating art for any to appreciate, if you only take the time.

spider web in fog 4

Large web on a dead branch (click photos to enlarge)

spider web in fog 10

Silk encased pine tip

spider web in fog 9

Spider tent on a dead weed

spider web in fog

There were many orb webs in the fog

spider web in fog 3

The artist is in

spider web in fog 5

A hint of a nautilus design

spider web in fog 2

A horizontal orb

spider web in fog 1

An orb with a twist

spider web in fog 6

Silk pearls

spider web in fog 11

A silk bowl

spider web in fog 12

A silk explosion

3 thoughts on “Foggy Morning

  1. I am recovering from some surgery, so somewhat house-bound. My bedroom window looks out onto an suburban scene of trees and undergrowth and much more wildlife than I realized. Your posts and photos mean a lot to me as I let nature help me get well again. Thanks so much.

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