Baby Bluebirds

Be like the bluebird who never is blue, for he knows from his upbringing what singing can do.

~Cole Porter

I checked on the bluebird box out in the yard yesterday to see if any of the four eggs I saw about a week ago had hatched. As always, I approached noisily, then knocked on the side of the house to give any sitting adult ample warning and time to fly out. I gently opened the box, pulled out the nest cup and saw this…


Newly hatched Eastern Bluebird nestlings (click photos to enlarge)

Three of the four eggs have hatched today. It amazes me they can even hold up their giant heads with oversized closed eyes to beg for food. It will take another 17+ days for these little ones to fledge and be seen following their busy parents around the yard. Wishing them well as they enter the world.

10 thoughts on “Baby Bluebirds

  1. Wow, I left my nest in a box strictly alone, afraid to disturb anything. Parents aren’t bothered you picked up their nest?

    • No, this is common practice for people monitoring bluebird nest boxes. Don’t do it unless you have a nest cup in the box to make it easy to remove the nest and quickly observe. I tend to only do it a couple of times during the nesting cycle to minimize disturbance. You should not open the box after about 10-11 days from when they hatch as that may increase the risk that nervous young could leave the nest prematurely.

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