Enough Already

Only with winter-patience can we bring
the deep-desired, long-awaited spring.

~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

I think I should have been more precise in my wishes in my last post, Until Next Winter….what I meant to say was I can’t wait until next winter at Pungo. I think I have had enough of whatever is happening out there right now here in the Piedmont and many of us are getting thin on our winter-patience. The snow this week was nice, although it prevented travel for many in this neighborhood because of icy roads, especially on the shady hills. But the freezing rain this morning, and now the cold rain, well, I could use a break from this as I am sure most of you could.

Cavity in maple tree

Cavity in maple tree (click photos to enlarge)

Yesterday afternoon I went out looking for a photo opportunity and ran across this cavity in a maple tree out front. I have seen squirrels running in and out on occasion, so I decided to wait awhile and see what might happen.

Squirrel inside nest cavity close up

Gray Squirrel peeking out of tree cavity

After about 20 minutes, a tiny head popped out of the hole and stared blankly at the outside world. A young Gray Squirrel surveyed the scene, probably thinking the same thing I was…boy, it’s cold out here.

Squirrel inside nest cavity 3

Squirrel glances at me

The squirrel then turned and faced me for a few seconds, no doubt wondering what I was doing out in these conditions.

Squirrel inside nest cavity

Squirrel retreats inside nest cavity

The youngster quickly retreated back into the warmth of its shredded bark-lined domicile inside the safety of the tree trunk. I then heard that raspy chirring tone they use when upset. I’m not sure, but I think it was saying, enough already…I am guessing it had heard the forecast for today.



8 thoughts on “Enough Already

  1. Will not entertain any complaints from Mr. Squirrel. He does not have to drive anywhere to get to work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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