Spaces Still Available for Yellowstone in June

But if one steps off the road, even a few hundred feet, and listens, there is a calm to the land, a certain wild rhythm that is closer to the surface than in most places.

~Renee Askins, speaking of Yellowstone

My favorite place had a birthday this week. On Sunday, March 1, Yellowstone turned 143 years old. Looking pretty good for that age, I must say. It was the beginning of what Ken Burns called, America’s Best Idea, the National Park System. Help me celebrate this grand idea by joining me on an unforgettable outing this June in Yellowstone National Park. Details are available on my Trips page. There are still spaces in both trips, but I will need to finalize details soon. Please contact me for additional information or to request a registration form. And please share this with others you think might be interested. Join me, step off the road a ways and listen, feel that calm and wild rhythm for yourself.

Here are a few more images to whet your appetite…


Foggy sunrise in Hayden Valley (click photos to enlarge)

Yellow-headed Blackbird

Yellow-headed Blackbird

wolf departing carcass

Gray Wolf departing Elk carcass with a scrap

Castle Geyser

Castle Geyser

Bison with background

Bison in Little America

Gray Wolf at Soda Butte Creek

Gray Wolf at Soda Butte Creek

Mountain Bluebird at nest cavity

Mountain Bluebird at nest cavity

elk skull and antlers

Elk skull and antlers

Bull Moose browsing on aspen saplings

Bull Moose browsing on aspen saplings


Harlequin Ducks at LeHardy Rapids


Great Gray Owl


Pine Marten


Double rainbow near Mammoth


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