Love is in the Air

There is no remedy for love but to love more.

~Henry David Thoreau

Snipe Fly love that is…and actually, most of it is on the ground or low vegetation. A few days ago I posted something about a cool insect I discovered in the yard, a Golden-backed Snipe Fly. Yesterday, when I walked outside, I saw another, then another, and another. It is apparently mating season for these gold-splotched beauties. So, a brief ode to love this morning…

Golden-backed Snipe Flies mating

Golden-backed Snipe Flies mating (click photos to enlarge)

If you recall, males are smaller than females and can be recognized when alone by the fact their eyes touch each other.

Golden-backed Snipe Fly female

Golden-backed Snipe Fly female

The eyes of females do not touch. And, she is obviously larger and more robust.

Golden-backed Snipe Flies mating on iris leaf

Mating pair on iris leaf

I saw 5 mated pairs as I walked around the yard on my morning “tour”. If I got too close with my strange camera gear (the macro twin light and diffusers probably look like some giant googlie-eyed insect to most small critters), the pair would clumsily take flight, female in the lead, and land nearby to continue their morning ritual. My apologies to all for the disturbance…carry on.

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