Back in Paradise



A quick post from my favorite place. Arrived yesterday in Yellowstone. Surprisingly hot for this time of year here… 87° in Bozeman. But, the park continues to amaze.


Bison calf from the car window in a bison jam.

Relatively little wildlife on my way in yesterday save for the usual bear jams near Roosevelt. But then late in the day… two wolves in Lamar Valley.  Too far for an image, but beautiful light. Bison everywhere in Lamar. Lots of road blocks, of the Yellowstone kind. 


Yellow-headed Blackbird perched on Big Sagebrush.

This morning there was a coyote feeding on a Bison calf carcass down by the river. A Bald Eagle and a few Ravens waited their turn for breakfast. Standing alone on Slough Creek watching Pronghorn… Just another morning in paradise.

5 thoughts on “Back in Paradise

  1. As an amateur photographer it is always of interest to know the equipment used for your beautiful photos. For example, what lens and shutter setting was used for the yellow headed blackbird. Would you share this information? Thanks. Norm Ritter

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  2. Oh my gosh! I’m leaving for Yellowstone with the Museum of Natural Sciences Sunday. I LOVE your blog! Maybe you’ll see us there!!!

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