Faces of Yellowstone

There are so many people here this week. So many faces. Many are international visitors. I guess many are in Yellowstone for the first time. I realized how important faces are to us humans, how that is what we usually look at first in another person, and how it can often tell us so much. I have seen tired faces climbing the boardwalk steps at Mammoth, hot faces of people out in the intense sun this week, and surprised faces when a one ton Bison bull suddenly steps in front of someone’s car. But mostly I have seen happy faces, smiling faces. In watching the wildlife I started wondering about their faces and what they might tell us. They look wise and strong. I think I will look more closely and see what I can learn from and about them. Here are some of the faces of Yellowstone wildlife…

Yellow-headed Blackbird (click photos to enlarge)

Pronghorn doe… Check out those eyelashes

Great Gray Owl outside the park toward Beartooths

Western Grebe

Lesser Scaup female with male close behind

Bull Elk in velvet

Bison bull

King of Lamar Valley

Mule Deer doe

Raven that just brought a chunk of meat to young

Elk cow

Elk cow

Pronghorn buck – note black cheek patch as aid in identifying males

Note…this may be my last post until I return due to limited cell service

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