Yellowstone this Summer

…you will remember these fine, wild views, and look back with joy to your wanderings in the blessed old Yellowstone Wonderland.

~John Muir, 1898

Reflections in Lamar

The landscapes and wildlife of Yellowstone are spectacular (click photos to enlarge)

Join me, June 2-9, 2016, for an unforgettable experience in the world’s first national park, Yellowstone! Next summer will mark 100 years since the creation of the National Park Service, and there is no better way to celebrate than by visiting Yellowstone. We will spend our days exploring Yellowstone’s unique thermal areas, beautiful landscapes, and wildlife-rich valleys. I offer small group (4 to 6 participants) field experiences that take you beyond the typical roadside views of this incredible park. Visit my Trips page for more information and to request a registration form. Space is limited. Previous blogs from Yellowstone trips can give you an idea of the wonder and beauty you will experience.

Bull bison chewing cud 1

Bull Bison, the iconic symbol of Yellowstone

Did you get a new camera or binoculars for a gift? Yellowstone is the perfect place to learn how to use them!

elk cow silhouette

Cow Elk silhouette on a ridge near Mammoth

Bison calf 1

Early June is prime time for observing Bison babies

Shooting stars 1

The meadows will be blooming with Shooting Stars and other wildflowers

Great Gray Owl in top of pineg

We will be on the lookout for birds such as the elusive Great Gray Owl

Pronghorn bucks on ridge

Early morning is a great time to observe wildlife such as this band of Pronghorn bucks

wolf at Soda Butte Creek 1

We hope to see Gray Wolves in Lamar Valley

pattern in mud pot

We will visit many of the park’s unusual thermal features such as these mud pots

sunset in Lamar after storm

Join me for an unforgettable experience in the wilds of Yellowstone

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